2012 Oscars: Worst Dressed List

February 27, 2012 By:
2012 Oscars: Worst Dressed List

It’s nearly impossible to find anyone worthy of the worst dressed list, I mean, this is the Oscars!

This is better than prom, this is better than the royal wedding, this is everything glamorous about Hollywood rolled into one night. However, there were some fashion offenders amongst all the perfection.

Here is the worst dressed from the red carpet.

Stacy Keibler: I know I’m supposed to love this dress, but I feel like Stacy Keibler is taking her “trophy girlfriend” duties a little too seriously. She wore Marchesa and quite frankly she looked wrapped in tin foil. Also, at 7ft tall (probably) she looked like a life sized Oscar trophy.

Rooney Mara: I get that she’s edgy and disaffected but wearing a relatively plain white dress by Givenchy with hardly any accessories is just too relaxed for the red carpet. She has a very modelesque shape and this dress kind of just hung on her like she was a human clothing hanger.

Ana Faris: Ana is a young girl with a great figure but for some reason she decided to cover up entirely in a black sequined long sleeved dress. Kelly Osbourne says she looked like she stole this dress from Liza Minelli and I have to admit that Kelly nailed it with that common.

Michelle Williams: Michelle Williams is always hit or miss with me. She wore a coral colored dress by Louis Vuitton and looked cute, but I want so badly for her to look demure and elegant. The dress had a fluffy peplum and what I think was a brooch on her waist? She looked like a politicians wife.

Kristin Wiig: Kristin Wiig never quite gets it right on the red carpet. She’s so funny and pretty but picks very boring gowns. Kristin wore a champagne colored strapless gown by J. Mendel and wore her hair loose and wavy which was pretty but it has become Oscar standard to wear your hair pulled into an updo and Kristen should really follow the rules, I’m just saying.

Sandra Bullock: I hate that I’m saying this, but Sandra Bullock did not wow me in her Marchesa gown. The train was stunning, it looked like it was flowing out of her waist like liquid metal, but the bust of the dress was not well tailored at all. It hung away from her and gave her absolutely no shape. It kind of looked like a white t-shirt.

Natalie Portman: You know, I was really on the fence with this one. This red strapless Dior Haute Couture dress from their 1954 collection just didn’t seem right with the polka dots for the Oscars, but I also feel like Grace Kelly would have worn this dress that same year.