2012 Grammys: The Worst Dressed List

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I love the Grammys. It’s truly music biggest night, and when it comes to fashion, anything goes. I have so many questions for tonight’s red carpet. Is Justin Bieber going to comb his hair forward or backwards? Is Lady Gaga going to wear a live animal or stick with raw meats? Will Nicki Minaj continue to steal lady Gaga’s reject outfits? And will Ke$ha stay at home this year?

Enough with the questions, let’s get into the Worst Dressed celebs at the 2012 Grammys.

Fergie: All I wanna say is yikes! Fergie wore a bright orange sheer gown by Jean Paul Gaultier that made zero effort to conceal her black underwear. It looked like a sexy Halloween tablecloth. There are no more words for this dress.

Nicki Minaj: I honestly don’t know if this belongs on the best or worst dressed, it’s mostly just most surprising and most blasphemous. Nicki Minaj was dressed in Versace red as a kind of medieval catholic nun slash Mary Magdalene slash little red riding hood and was joined by a guy dressed as the pope. Lady Gaga, I don’t know how you’re going to top this.

Snooki: Who invited Snooki to the Grammys anyways? Is whining now considered “music?” Anyways, the Jersey Shore spawn was wearing a zebra print body suit by Bebe Addiction and straight from Snooki’s mouth she joked about her mall fashion, “I’m a guidette, I’m not gonna wear Versace.” “Nuff said.

Robyn: Singer Robyn is always a little bit edgy and can kind of pull off any outfit because she’s cool and indie, but this all white ensemble is just horrid. She paired a plain white baggy tee with a shiny white miniskirt and a long white train that was more of a tail or a cape. She also wore Timberland shoes with heels. Uggh.

Alison Krauss: Alison Krauss is a country music legend and has won 26 Grammy Awards in her career, but tonight was not her night as far as fashion is concerned. She definitely wore this thing that was a cross between a tea cozy and a poncho. Underneath she wore a plain white dress that kind of screamed “peasant wedding.”

Cyndi Lauper: So Cyndi Lauper was the original “quirky girl” (Sorry Zooey Deschanel, you didn’t start the trend) but now that Lauper is older, you would think she would mellow out. Lauper wore a lacy bustier, with what appears to be no pants with just a very revealing skirt with a very high slit. She paired it with gold and black hooker heels and gold chains randomly draped on her sleeves, wrists and waists.

Zamora: So there’s this artist named Zamora who was nominated for Best New Age album and I guess the guy was already anticipating his Grammy win or something, because he was dressed like a king, the Burger King, to be exact. He carried a scepter, had a velour cape and wore a cheap plastic crown. I feel like he and Lady Gaga should hook it up, they can both bond over being left of normal.
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