Nicki Minaj Arrives to the 2012 Grammys With the Pope

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I’m actually not kidding. Nicki Minaj arrives to the 2012 Grammys with a guy dressed exactly like the Pope. Nicki herself was dressed somewhat like little red riding hood? Or maybe she was dressed all in red as like a seductive nun?

Either way, her bizarre and provocative red Versace outfit was complimented by a guy dressed as the pope. Serious. This guys pope costume was the best pope Halloween costume I have ever seen. I actually had to google “Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Date” just to be sure he wasn’t actually a member of the Vatican.

Nicki kept it super serious on the red carpet, refusing to flash even one smile. I know that Nicki Minaj has rap “alter-egos” (Barbie, Roman Polanski etc) but if she’s just added “Nicki the Nun” as her new alter ego I’m gonna quit listening to music.

Actually that’s a total lie, Nicki the Nun sounds awesome! In terms of shock-factor, Nicki is slowly treading into Lady Gaga’s territory, which is great because quite frankly we’re all super sick of Lady Gaga anyways.

Speaking of which, Gaga did not show up to the Grammy red-carpet at all. We’ll have to watch the Grammys to see what she ended up wearing. I hope Gaga isn’t wearing her Vatican outfit too, because there’s going to be a serious showdown of “B-tch Stole My Look” between Nicki and Gaga if that happens. Whoopsies.

Oh also, Madonna just sent Nicki a text that reads, “religious blasphemy is my thing. I’m editing you out of ‘Give Me All Your Luvin.’ We’re through!”

Kidding about that last part.
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