Olivia Wilde Debuts Shorter Blonder Hairdo

January 6, 2012 By:

New hair, don’t care! It's not that I don't care about Olivia Wilde’s new haircut, but I think that is a phrase girls say when they cut their hair, isn't it? “That’s not a phrase,” a source tells US Weekly? Ok, never mind.

Anyways, Olivia Wilde has a new boyfriend, SNL castmember Jason Sudeikis, and in honor of their budding relationship she chopped off her pin straight dark brown strands for a shoulder length highlighted blonder haircut.

Maybe she wants to be more like Sudeikis’s ex-girlfriends, January Jones and Jennifer Aniston. Also, what is even up with Jason Sudeikis? He has so much game, he’s like the funny Leonardo Dicaprio, except instead of banging Victoria’s Secret models, he’s actually dating A-list actresses.

Moving on. Wilde was spotted leaving her Hollywood hair salon debuting wavy hair that is nearly blonde at the ends. The new look is beachy and more effeminate than her usual blunt bangs and pin straight hair.

She was also carrying around with her some garment bags form Marc Jacobs, probably because awards season is coming up. Maybe Mr. Sudeikis will be joining her on the red carpet? The couple has reportedly been dating for a few weeks. She attends most of his SNL rehearsals and earlier in December they were spotted cozying up at an SNL afterparty.

The couple were also caught cheering on the Kansas University basketball team and wearing matching KU hats. Cute. Nothing says romance like college basketball and official team hats.