Oscar de la Renta: Don't Go Wedding Dress Shopping With Your Mother

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Oscar De La Renta was a special guest on the wedding episode of "The Martha Stewart Show" and while he's the king of designing wedding gowns, he is awful at giving advice. 

When some girl in the audience asks the panel who she should invite on a gown-shopping trip, Oscar de la Renta immediately shouts, "Not with your mother."

The audience laughs, ha-ha-ha, Martha Stewart cocks her head back and does this heckle thing that I think she thinks is true laughter, but then Oscar, who isn't laughing, is so serious about it. 

Then this Sharon Osbourne look-a-like woman, who apparently is Martha Stewart's editorial director, Darcy Miller, started in with how mean Oscar De La Renta was being. 

"That's so mean," she says, "My mother would have been so upset if I didn't take her with me."

She then ads, "My kids are going shopping with me when they're getting married," and then Oscar retorts, "I forbid you to."

Oscar explains to the bride-to-be, "What you mother has to understand is that this is the most important day of your life, that this is something you have been dreaming [of], thinking of for a long time. It's not her day, it is your day, and your mother should be very proud." 

Then the Sharon Osbourne woman says, "it's her day too" and then Oscar is like, "it's the girl who is getting married, she doesn't want that."

Besides the fact that The Martha Stewart Show hasn't quite figured out how to yell over the other guests like the ladies on "The View" are so excellent at. This is the most awkward interaction ever. This girl is like "Who should I go shopping with" and then Oscar starts in with mom bashing, which makes Darcy Miller start in with Oscar bashing, all the while Martha Stewart is trying to put her two cents in, and in the end the girl in the audience is told to "sit back down."

Finally, Darcy ends the conversation with, "I think it's a personal decision. It depends on your relationship, what you think of your mother's fashion taste," before adding, "Don't take too many people." 

While this episode ended up turning into a cat fight, it was supposed to be a special wedding episode to go in tandem with the recent issue of "Matha Stewart Weddings" which featured de la Renta and other "icons of the aisle."
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