Oscar de la Renta to Design Children's Clothes

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Oscar de la Renta to Design Children\'s Clothes
Red Carpet staple Oscar De La Renta will be launching an in-house Children's line for the first time in his 45-year career.

Because I was just thinking to myself that there aren't enough designer clothes for when babies have to walk down the red carpet.

Red carpet Interviewer: So, tell us who you are wearing this evening?
A famous toddler: I am this many years old **holds up 3 fingers**

I guess there is a need for children to wear designer gowns, because Oscar de la Renta has announced that he's adding kid sized luxury clothes to his fashion label.

Women's Wear Daily announced that the design house has hired Catherine Monteiro de Barros as the new vice president of design for children's wear. De Barros used to design the Portuguese kid's line Papo d'Anjo, which sold $200 bloomers for babies, but has since closed its doors on business.

There's no word on the price range for de la Renta's new collection but the capsule collection will be ready this spring and will be sold at upscale department stores like Harrod's, Bergdorf Goodman and all De La Renta boutiques. So basically, it will be at Oscar de la Renta price points. This aint Osh Kosh B'gosh.

A spokesperson for the brand says the clothes will appeal to those "who are interested in quality and style but who also want their children to look like children."

I know someone whose probably going to be first in line when the collection debuts...Rachel Zoe. Her son Skyler already has a closet that is larger than my college apartment. In one interview, Rachel Zoe was describing her sons new Gucci bomber jacket like it was the most normal purchase in the world for an 8 month old.

De La Renta's clothing should have a full collection up by fall, and will focus on boys and girls clothing from 18 months to 14 years old.

Lately, children's wear has been getting the designer treatment. Brands like Lanvin, Fendi, Gucci and Burberry have all launched children's lines in the last few years.

Oscar de la Renta also just showed it's Pre-Fall 2012 collection (for adults, not kids) and it looks like it was tailor made for Blair Waldorf on "Gossip Girl."

With a 30's inspired look, the collection consisted of long pleated skirts, fur-collared wrap sweaters, chunky tweed suits, and long trousers. And of course there was no shortage of Oscar-gowns and other red-carpet fodder.
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