Pamela Anderson Designs Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

March 30, 2009 By:
Pamela Anderson Designs Eco-Friendly Fashion Line

Pamela Anderson has been an advocate for eco-friendly products for years now, so it only makes sense that she would help design an eco-friendly fashion line with good pal Richie Rich.

The animal rights activist and Rich, of fashion duo Heatherette, are collaborating on a line of leather-free shoes and casual clothes including hooded tops, skirts and swimwear for the new 'Muse' brand.

During a press conference for the 'Muse' line during Fashion Week in Miami this past weekend, Pam told, "I prefer to be naked, but if I'm not, I want to be wearing Ritchie Rich."

When asked if Ritchie Rich would be designing her next wedding dress, Rich told Hollyscoop exclusively, "I already did one!"

Pam quickly put her hand on his mouth and jokingly said, "Shut up!" and laughed.

In regards to why Rich choose Pam as his 'Muse' he told Hollyscoop, "She's blonde, fun and a bombshell. She's the ultimate Glam girl. She's so James Bond. 50's 60's...she can totally be a Bond girl!"

Bond Girl maybe, bombshell, definitely! The fashion line is scheduled to debut this summer so keep an eye out for it!