Pamela Anderson Now Designing Lingerie

July 25, 2011 By:
Pamela Anderson Now Designing Lingerie

Several times a day I ask myself, what is Pamela Anderson up to nowadays? And today I get my answer…designing lingerie, that’s what!

After collaborating with Secrets in Lace on a collection of stockings, Pam Anderson has teamed up with the brand again to release a full range of lingerie.

Anderson tells Womens Wear Daily, “I am very pleased with the initial collection. I love every one of the styles because they cover every fashion occasion.”

And by “every fashion occasion,” she means you can dress like a sexy nurse AND a sexy school teacher with her new collection.

“I’ve always loved lingerie. I like to dress up. Fantasy is something I respond to.”

Her line of stockings are apparently successful, either that or there’s a newfound fad for wanting to look like a 40-year-old Barbie. However, the stockings have the brands logo hugely stamped across the thigh, because nothing says sexy like corporate branding.

President of Secrets in Lace adds, “We liked the idea that Pam is very into being a mom with two boys and very into being a woman. We’ve been very active and successful with retro looks.” Is “retro looks” a nice way of saying she’s old?

Pam is perfect to design lingerie because she owns so much of it. “I have an incredibly diverse collection of lingerie. I actually have too much tucked away in storage,” she says.

So owning lots of lingerie is the only requirement for being able to design your own lingerie collection? With that logic, alcoholics should be qualified to open their own breweries.