Prabal Gurung's Target Line Inspired By Love

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Designer Prabal Gurung makes love a priority. He has a new Target collaboration line coming this February and the way Prabal sends out his handwritten valentines is by sewing sweet clothing at an affordable price especially for you. Prabal Gurung, he is the best boyfriend ever, basically.

Like the crazy obsessed stalker you are, blinded by your love for high/low fashion collaborations, then you know the line hits Target’s retail racks on February 10, 2013, already making coy eye contact with that all white floral print blazer jacket, hoping it asks you to “Be Mine” this Valentine’s Day (Night, Dawn, Dusk, Eternity).

Until then, we have this behind-the-scenes video of the Prabal design process for you to crush even harder over. In it, the 38-year-old talent talks about his overall inspiration: young love, enduring love, puppy love, kissing in a rainy meadow The Notebook love, love in all its various forms, shapes, and silhouettes.

“I want to make clothes that make women beautiful,” he said. “One thing I kept on coming to was the idea of love. Whether it’s having it, pining for it, losing it, wanting it, most of the collection that I do has been inspired by love. If they can feel, even a little bit of the love that I felt while I was designing this, I’ll consider it a job well done.”
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