Modamob Exclusive: Project Runway’s Raul Osorio Talks Elimination

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Ah, partner challenges: the bane of every Project Runway contestant’s existence since the dawn of 2004. They almost always bring out the worst in the cast, but last night’s episode didn’t result in the elimination of someone who doesn’t work well with others, as it usually does.

In a challenge that involved dressing former contestants and winners of the show for the Emmy’s in teams of two (and Tim Gunn saying “Lexus GS” about 15 times), Raul Osorio was eliminated for an admittedly lacking black halter dress he created with teammate Alicia for Mila Hermanovski, Season 7 finalist.

The episode involved plenty of sniping, and Christopher kind of threw partner Andrea under the proverbial bus while crying. Raul, on the other hand, was one of the most graceful losers in recent memory, which he chalks up to agreeing to split the blame 50/50 with his teammate, who he said he loved and was glad to work with.

During a teleconference this morning, he also cast some aspersions on the goals of some of the louder contestants (“Some people came on the show because they really wanted to pursue design and some people want to become the next Snooki, and good for them, but this is a show about fashion. Not about who gets more trashy or bitchy.”) and discussed the troubling preview of next week’s episode, where contestants start disappearing: “If you don’t have the balls to deal with the challenge, then don’t apply. Don’t take someone else’s spot.”

Raul also told ModaMob exclusively who he wished he could have dressed last night: “Christian Siriano. He’s the best.” Maybe he’ll throw a collab at Raul?

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