Rachel Zoe: I'm "Terrified" of NY Fashion Week

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Rachel Zoe: I\'m \"Terrified\" of NY Fashion Week
Rachel Zoe is terrified to debut her first runway show at New York Fashion Week.

Rachel Zoe opens up to Fabsugar at Neiman Marcus for the launch of her Fall 2011 collection and says she's terrified to debut her Spring 2012 runway show at New York Fashion Week.

"Nervous, excited, petrified, anxious, terrified...did I mention terrified? I'm terrified," Zoe says of her upcoming show.

This is Rachel's first ever show at NY Fashion Week, she's now a designer who came to prominence for being a celebrity stylist for many years. Before she was a designer she was known for putting skinny celebs in skinny jeans and convincing stars that fur coats make sense over maxi dresses.

Now she's debuting at NY fashion week for the first time and talks the transition from stylist to designer, "I think becoming a designer was that sort of thing that was inevitable on some level, and then also something that I really waited a long time to do because the timing had to be right. I just felt this was the time I was ready to do it," and she says it was "definitely one of the scariest and most challenging things I've ever done but also the most exciting."

She says her new collection is very inspired by "Parisian culture, British street-style very Savile row, the New York girl, the Uptown girl, the Downtown girl."

Rachel Zoe is a busy new mom, she's returning to TV for season 4 of The Rachel Zoe Project this fall and says her baby bump makes everything different, "It's a very different season. It's a lot of seeing someone who's a mom, who's about to be a mom, really living a life that I'm very used to and trying to adjust that to becoming a working mom."

So basically she has to eat real food now and she can't wear gold bangles when burping her child. Done and Done. Bring on baby.

Though she says she loves being a mom, especially because she can dress up her son, Skyler, in tiny baby couture. She talks about his insane shoe collection and he's not even 6 months old yet.

"He has a pretty extraordinary shoe collection and the irony is he cant really wear shoes, clearly he's not even crawling yet, so they're not really functional," says Zoe.

Yah, those tiny shoes are just catching drool at this point. Just wait until you hear the kinds of shoes he owns.

"There's an incredible pair of Bottega Veneta ones, there's Hermes and Gucci slip ons with a little bit on them. And there's a pair of Tod's driving loafers."

Driving loafers!? For a 6 month old? For driving what? Driving up the cost of inflation by indulging in $700 pairs of baby shoes! Celebrities, they're not like us.

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