Rachel Zoe Knows What We Should Wear

January 5, 2009 By:

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe has spoken!

Zoe was seen shopping on Robertson Blvd. yesterday. The fact that she was shopping was hardly news, but the type of boot that was on her feet, was!

Rachel was rocking some serious boots, and upon further inspection we noticed that her heel was a wedged one.

We are pretty confident Rachel knows a thing or two about fashion and if wedge boots are good for her....they are good for the rest of us!

We did some scooping and found a similar pair at Aldo Shoes. They are just as high as Rachel's and are dripping in a soft suede.

They cost $150.00 and come with the newly endorsed Rachel Zoe wedge heel. So who knew you could look like Rachel for so cheap? Happy Hunting!