Rashida Jones Flaunts It For "Flaunt" Magazine

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Rashida Jones Flaunts It For \"Flaunt\" Magazine
You know Rashida Jones from “The Office” and “Parks & Recreation.” But do you know Rashida Jones from the October issue of “Flaunt” magazine?

Now you do, and she is stunning.

In the editorial spread, the natural beauty, often typecast as that quirky girl next door with adorable freckles type, smothers on the page in lingerie-laced and leggy photos shot by Stevie and Mada. The most striking is Rashida and her toned bod in a silk lace bra by Dolce & Gabbana, underwear by American Apparel, and two-toned black-and-white platform heels by Giuseppe Zanotti. You kind of forget there’s even a sprawling city skyline behind her. Is it LA? Who cares, let’s just keep looking at Rashida.

Another of the photos has Rashida dolled up with wet grungy hair in a carefully exposed sheer top with an aqua jewel-tone polka dot pattern—wet hair and sheer are two continuous trends that keep showing up on the global catwalks for spring this week, and Rashida slips into them effortlessly.

After this issue (which has Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the cover), we’ll definitely be keeping our sights on and following what the 36-year-old wears on any upcoming red carpet. And yes, you read that right. The didn’t-know-she-was-in-her-late-30’s is in her late 30’s.

The daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson music producer Quincy Jones, Rashida has been making a name for herself in television and film as an actress, and most recently as a writer with the indie L.A. comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever co-starring Andy Samberg.

Only adding to her sexiness is that underneath the photos, she’s still Rashida—always funny and cool as ever. Check out this video of Rashida flaunting her hidden talents in this behind-the-scenes video:

Rashida Jones for Flaunt from Michael Mayer on Vimeo.

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