Get Rihanna's Body Jewelry Look For Less

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Get Rihanna\'s Body Jewelry Look For Less
The only thing that stays the same about Rihanna’s style is the fact that it’s always changing.

She’s gone from bright red pixie cuts to Bob Marley bikinis to a frizzy blonde curls. She loves changing up her look almost as much as we love checking it out.

Most recently, Rihanna’s been rocking Jacquie Aiche body jewelry. Rihanna requested styles to wear for her 2010 video, ‘California King Bed,’ and ever since then, the singer has been wearing the delicate jewelry from Hawaii to Hollywood. They made another appearance at Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

A rep for the brand said that Rihanna was introduced to the line by a mutual friend of the company’s head of sales, and she owns as many as four of the chains. And yes, they’re expensive. They go for upwards of $2,000. The Jacquie Aiche white diamond Filligree style chain, for example, goes for a whopping $2,315, while their Indian Snake body chain is even pricier, at $2,565.

Lucky for you, if you want to emulate this look, you can do it for much, much cheaper. We found a comparable body chain retailer whose prices will be a little nicer to your wallets. Online retailer Trinity’s Jewelry offers 'Harem Body Chains', and they retail for around $200. That’s one less zero, in case you didn’t notice. The Harem Carly Body Chain, for example, goes for $210, and you can choose from a few different torso lengths and belly chain sizes.

The site offers a variety of styles, some of which are even more affordable. To check them out yourself and rock your own dainty body jewelry, visit:
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