Rihanna Collaborating with British Fashion Brand River Island?

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After Rihanna’s collaboration with Armani, she’s apparently doing another fashion job for UK retailer River Island. River Island is the equivalent of TopShop, H&M and Target.

Rihanna was spotted visiting the brands headquarters earlier this week but is keeping mum on her reason for visiting.

Her spokesperson says she was just visiting a friend there, which I find hard to believe. You can visit your friend at Starbucks, Rihanna was definitely taking a meeting.

Her spokesperson just said that a collaboration was not happening “at this time.” So they’re saying that there is a chance?

“Rihanna did stop in on Monday to visit Vanessa Lewis, owner Bernard Lewis’ wife,” says a rep for the brand.

The rep tried to play it off like Rihanna was just casually visiting River Island headquarters, “Vanessa and Rihanna’s mother are acquainted and went to dinner in Barbados. She picked up a few jumpers and a pair of studded denim shorts, but there is nothing else to add at this time,” says the rep.

Meh. So anyways, expect a collaboration to happen pretty soon.

Rihanna’s collab with Armani began as her just fronting the brand as their new face, but she then launched a capsule collection for Emporio Armani that featured lots of denim and cute rocker t-shirt designs and also some lingerie. What I’m trying to say is that Rihanna is a designer now.

Also, I’m getting sick of Rihanna’s coconut water ads, someone get her a new gig.
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