Rihanna Designing Men's Fragrance So She Can Wear It

April 6, 2012 By:

Rihanna already has two fragrances on the marker, Reb’l Fleur and Rebelle, but now she wants to expand into colognes and fragrances for men. Not only that, but she wants to create them so she can wear them.

“I have two fragrances out plus I’m working on a male scent. But it will be unisex, because I love wearing men’s fragrances. You know how you love to smell like your boyfriend all day?”

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you spritz yourself down in Axe body spray so you can smell like him! Also, you should dump your boyfriend if he wears Axe.

Not only is Rihanna launching colognes, she also reveals to more! Magazine that she is “definitely” working on a fashion line.

While we’re talking about Rihanna, she hates her legs. How was that for a segue?

“I’m insecure about my legs,” says Rihanna, “Everyone wants to have slim, toned legs and I’m the same.”

“I do weights but I don’t want my legs to bulk up, so I do a lot of cardio too,” says Rihanna.

However, Rihanna has totally accepted her body. Also, it helps that she’s totally hot!

“I really don’t think anyone is 100 per cent body confident. But you get comfortable with the fact that it’s your body and it is what it is,” says Rihanna, “You just want what someone else has, but that doesn’t mean what you have isn’t beautiful. Because other people always want what you have too. You have to just learn to accept your body.”

Those sheer tank tops led us to believe Rihanna had zero body issues. Either way, what’s the moral of this story? Oh yeah, Rihanna is launching a men’s fragrance.