Rob Kardashian Thinks He's Ralph Lauren Kardashian

October 26, 2012 By:
Rob Kardashian Thinks He's Ralph Lauren Kardashian

The Kardashian klan is always dipping into the fashion pool like it’s nobody’s business but the Kardashians’. The original and way awkwardly abbreviated trio KKK (Kim, Kourtney, Khloe) have that Kardashian Kollection line at Sears, youngest of sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner release fashion projects in between geometry tests, and now its prodigal son Rob is putting his name on something. Anything. Socks!

For those of us who can actually make out the sentences used with what this family calls “words” on their reality show Keeping Up the with Kardashians, we were already well aware that Rob’s dream business venture was an upscale sock line. But now, after pulling on mom Kris Jenners’ sleeves hard enough in the cereal aisle of Bristol Farms, Rob is finally getting that business model he always dreamed of.

Partnering exclusively with Neiman Marcus, the label is called Arthur George (a heritage inspiration–the name is combo of his middle name and his dad’s) and is 100% Egyptian cotton of bold designs, retailing at a price point of $30.

“I wanted to stay away from using my last name,” he said to WWD. “The label still says it’s by Robert Kardashian, but I’m more comfortable if it doesn’t scream Kardashian at you…Ralph Lauren started with ties and I want to emulate that…socks is where it begins.” He then added, “Socks are something I’ve always been passionate about,” without laughing somehow.

Everyone thinks I’m KRAZY but I think this sock thing might actually work. Rob gets a super bad rap and it’ll take a lot of work, but having enough surprising self-awareness, taste, and modesty to NOT call it “socKs by R. Kardashian” is a good start. Considering how they were dropped by Bebe, maybe his sisters should back off a bit in the fashion department. He’s on his way to possibly opening a Dash Men in the future, so they could be answering to Ralph Lauren Kardashian in the near future.