Roberto Cavalli: Chanel is for Grandmothers

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Roberto Cavalli makes fun of Chanel and calls it a “grandmothers” label. Oh no he didn’t! Oh yes he did.

Roberto Cavalli just opened a freestanding boutique in Japan. However, instead of opening the store in the busy shopping district of Ginza, he chose the location of the Aoyama neighborhood, a relatively quiet backstreet that caters to a younger audience.

He thinks young fashionable people will seek out his store, while the mothers and grandmothers will stick to Ginza at stores like Chanel.

“I want it to be that [shoppers] come to find me. They shouldn't find me by accident walking in Ginza. I think this is a really winning strategy. I will demonstrate this to the dear Messrs. Chanel or other people like that. Fine, you dress the grandmothers and the mothers and I'll dress their kids.”

Roberto Cavalli: 1, Karl Lagerfeld: 0.

You know, Roberto Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld have a lot in common, they should combine their over-70 bitch-please mentalities instead of spewing at one another. Roberto Cavalli IS the Karl Lagerfeld of Italy. The silver hair, the face lift, the black suits, the b-tchy comments. Yep, same dude.

Cavalli adds, “Even if I'm old, other people don't know that. I make very young fashion.”

Even though Cavalli is 70-years-old he says, “I’m young, I have another 50 years of life,” and then announces that he will have sex approximately 15,000 times before he passes away.

If there is such as thing as a mid-life crisis, did Cavalli just enter his end-life crisis?

In addition to the pop-up shop in Japan, he also wants to open a café or restaurant in Tokyo, similar to the ones he has in Milan, Florence, and Dubai.

“I like Japanese young people, so I want to be with them a little more often.”

Maybe he’s just pushing the whole, “I’m still young! Look at how with-it I am. What’s an iphone?!”- thing because he’s gotten flack for his designs in the past.

Donatella Versace just called Cavalli’s designs a “Versace rip-off.”

“I think that to do a collection—how do you say—as an homage to Versace, this is fine. But when you do a lot of collections as an homage to Versace—why? What’s the point?” says Donatella of Cavalli’s designs.

So maybe because of the Versace hate, Cavalli is blasting design houses in general, starting with Chanel.
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