Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Cozy Up in New Fashion Ads

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Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Cozy Up in New Fashion Ads
Two of the world's most attractive stars have teamed up to appear in new ads for British brand Marks & Spencer. Those two stars are none other than Ryan "Perfect" Reynolds and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I was going to come up with a fake middle name for Rosie, but her name is too long as is.

Ryan and Rosie get cozy in the new ads for the brands autumn 2011 Autograph collection, which debuts today. The photoshoot features the two walking down the streets of London and lounging at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel shot by BAFTA awards photographer Greg Williams and is made to look like he's peeking in on the private lives of a well dressed and attractive couple.

The ads for this campaign is like if the worlds most attractive couple wore 5 layers of sweaters and invited paparazzi into their home while they did mundane things like open doors and put on scarves. But somehow, because it is Ryan Reynolds and Rosie Huntington Whiteley, it's the sexiest collection of sweaters I've ever seen.

Can they be a real life couple, like stat? Who's Rosie dating? Jason Statham? No-one even knows who he is.

All of Ryan's shots for the men's collection involve him making a "smoldering" face. The ads looked like they harnessed the sun, pulled it closer to earth and instructed Ryan to stare directly into it. He's got that squinty-eyes thing down pat.

Marks & Spencer operates over 700 retail stores in the UK, so Ryan who is Canadian and Rosie who is from England know the brand very well.

"I was thrilled when M&S asked me to be in their campaign," says Reynolds, "I'm from Canada and grew up with the M&S brand. Going into an M&S store with my family or friends always gives me a beautiful pang of nostalgia."

"Beautiful pang of nostalgia"? Damn Ryan, you wanna write this article instead?

"I feel proud to be associated with a British high street favorite that holds fond memories for so many people. The [Autograph] collection is sophisticated, elegant and effortless which I hope to embody in my own person style," says Whiteley.

Whiteley is a model-turned-actress after her co-starring role in the latest Transformers film and Ryan has been making headlines for starring in basically every movie lately and for hanging out with Sandra Bullock more than is normal for two people who claim to be "just friends." Choosing Ryan and Rosie to front your campaign is a perfect idea to generate buzz for the clothing brand.

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