Mulberry, Lanvin, and Valentino Design Crowns for Queen Elizabeth

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In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee, a number of designers have been tapped to design a new crown for the queen.

First of all, what is the Diamond Jubilee? While the Diamond Jubilee sounds like the name of a middle school cafeteria formal, the Jubilee actually celebrates 60 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in England. In honor of the queen, they throw a giant concert. I'm gonna guess that Diamonds and hats are probably also involved.

Back in 1953 the Queen wore her fancy St. Edward’s Crown and now department store Harrods has asked several designers to create revamped versions of the original crown.

The crown designed by Bulgari is wrapped in a gold snake. Highly doubt the Queen would go for it.

Theo Fennell’s hat is hot pink and jet black and a little too mad-hatter in my opinion.

The Escada hat is ivory and dainty and ornate. Jo Malone’s designs are fluffy and a little “Flava Flav” in my opinion.

The Lanvin crown is very Lanvin, and by that I mean, out of control. It’s got a torn union jack flag for goodness sake.

Mikimoto’s crown features an image of a naked mermaid. Nope.

De Beers created a very regal and old fashion crown, made of royal blue velvet.

The Mulberry crown was covered in what looked like edible rainbow sprinkles.

Tiffany and Co. made a glistening blue crown that looked like an icicle.

Ferragamo’s 3D crown was covered in vibrant red-hued flowers.

Roberto Cavalli’s crown was over the top and covered in white fur and green and purple gems.

Boucheron was obviously inspired by snakes as well. This white crown was wrapped in a snake decorated by blue and clear diamonds.

The Valentino crown is very Valentino. The diamond-studded crown looks very regal.

I don’t even know what’s going on with this Paul Smith crown. It’s covered in images of little corgi dogs – Queen Elizabeth’s favorite. Great dog, weird crown.
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