Video: Sarah Jessica Parker Makes Over "Glee"

September 28, 2012 By:

There’s always been a piece of fabric overlap between the worlds of “Glee” and fashion. And where the two meet is where Sarah Jessica Parker was waiting…To. Break. In! To!! Song!!!!

Catching you up to speed, in the current season, two of the show’s most Broadway of hopefuls, Kurt and Rachel, have graduated from high school and moved from Middle America to New York City, better known as the show tunes and fashion capital of the universe.

Sarah Jessica Parker kicked off her guest character arc with the fashionable debut of Isabelle, a high-powered editor, and after her song and dance number we’re willing to bet SJP has more rhythm than Anna Wintour.

The former Carrie Bradshaw plays fashion mentor to Kurt, encouraging him to pursue his fashion and styling talents in favor of his starry-eyed theater dreams.

She doesn’t rock the same extravagant over-sized head pieces and statement Jimmy Choo-s, instead opting for a more demure, all-black character-driven closet.

Because no offense to Sex and the City fans, Isabelle seems like her job is a little more demanding than just typing a 500 word column on a computer once a week and pretending like it can afford Carrie’s apartment.

The episode also allowed for young Hollywood fashion plate Lea Michele to bring her own real life enthusiasm for style to Rachel. Her character, after being mocked for her “Lena Dunham” wardrobe at NYADA, raids the Vogue vaults for new threads with the help of Kurt, which inspires an impromptu fashion make over.