Keira, Mia, Rooney, and ScarJo Cover W's 40th Anniversary Covers

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Keira, Mia, Rooney, and ScarJo Cover W\'s 40th Anniversary Covers
Every fashionista’s favorite work out (picking fashion magazines off the stand and walking them over to a cash register) is about to get a lot more intense next month.

W Magazine, which weighs approximately 24 pounds, the same as the models on a Dolce & Gabbana runway…put together, is celebrating 40 years with its anniversary issues—plural, there are 4—with some fresh female faces. Actreses Keira Knightley, Mia Wasikowska, Rooney Mara, and Scarlett Johansson depict various looks from fashion eras past on four separate covers.

Keira “rules the 2000s” (W cover’s words) in Chanel tweed, fiery red lips, and a bottle of Tilda Swinton peroxide blonde greased through her hair.

ScarJo was a dead giveaway as the ‘90s with her grunge Cruella de Courtney Love hair and witchy rings from the set of The Craft.

The ‘80s were brought to colorful discothèque life with Mia in Balenciaga, a bright orange wig, and eye shadow for days and nights.

Finally, to pay homage to the first decade in which W was launched, Rooney channeled the ‘70s with a big velvet hat, a conservative high collar a la Prada, and brooches you thought only existed in your grandma’s photo album.

Each woman is also featured in interviews with the 40th anniversary issue, which hit stands on Tuesday, October 23. If you’re an avid W Magazine reader/oversized high-fashion magazine collector, then W’s issues this November will look amaaaaaazing in your time capsule. Your Chanel time capsule. Duh.
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