Scarlett Johansson's Fabulous New Mango Photos

February 23, 2012 By:

Is Ryan Reynolds begging her to come back yet?

The always sultry Scarlett Johansson heats up these steamy ads for Mango. These aren’t you usual mid-level retailer ads, ScarJo is lounging on the ground, in various states of undress with total bedhead. Blake Lively ‘aint got nothing on Scarlet Johansson, in my humble opinion.

ScarJo takes over the Mango modeling duties from Kate Moss as the face of the fashion line and is all sorts of rocker-chic glam.

My only problem with the photo shoot is ScarJo’s wig. If that’s her natural hair, I’m so sorry. If it’s a wig, get a better one. I’m sure Wendy Williams could lend you one.

If these photos don’t make her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds at least take a second look then she’s wasted her time. Mango Smango, who cares about anything when you’re Ryan Reynold’s divorcee?

Anyways, the actress has moved on to a new man: Ad exec Nate Naylor. The couple was spotted in Hawaii recently and ScarJo was all giggly and flirty like N’SYNC just announced they were reuniting.

An eyewitness says Scar Jo and her new beau looked “so happy and in love. She was hanging all over Nate and shrieking and laughing at practically everything he said.”

In other news, ScarJo is supposed to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame later this year.