See Selena Gomez's First Fragrance Ad

April 30, 2012 By:

Selena Gomez is all grow’d up. Selena makes her fragrance debut, and her sexy debut!

The 19-year-old pop starlet jumps into a pool of purple water to advertise her fragrance in a flowy violet Maria Lucia Hohan gown.

“I wanted it to look like I was swimming in my fragrance,” Gomez tells People, “The water is actually lit from underneath, so it made it look pink and purple, like the colors of the bottle.”

Well, she succeeded; it literally looks like she plunged into a life-size bottle of her fragrance.

“It’s very romantic, very sensual, but it’s fun and beautiful at the same time,” says Gomez.

Sensual? Sure. If you’re into drenching yourself in perfume. I guess Justin Bieber is into that.

“I don’t really understand why I decided to be underwater [in the ad], but it looked cool!”

Selena recently told Modamob how she enlisted the help of her fans to co-create the fragrance.

“When I started the whole process of it, I was very distinct on how I wanted it to be different,” Gomez tells Modamob, “I wanted my fans to have a say so we kind of created this contest. After I picked out my top favorite scents, we let them help and we picked out the final 12 scents and they came and smelled the final scents with me.”