Selena Gomez Asks Fans to Design her New Fragrance

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Selena Gomez is launching her first fragrance and is letting her fans decide what it will smell like. She says her fans are going to create the scent by voting online on what notes and scents they'd like to be featured in the perfume. This sounds like a disaster.

Selena Gomez claims that her fans are responsible for choosing her debut fragrance because she thinks her fans know her better than anyone else. Gag. That's a lie. These teenage popstars and their undying "love" for their fans are just getting out of control.

Taylor Swift practically has a meltdown every time she shakes hands with a fan. Selena Gomez basically refused to appreciate her Teen Choice Award and dedicated it to her fans when she said, "This isn't my award...this is all of you guys, this is your award now," and I was like just take your surf board and get off the stage.

Selena explains her "fan choice" perfume idea, "At this point in my career, it's really important to me that my fans understand me and who I am as a person - I feel like we're all just in it together."

Okay, totally a lie. Your fans are going to normal high-schools and eating Doritos out of vending machines, while you and your boyfriend rent out the entire staples center to watch a movie. You're not "in it together" with your fans.

She continues, "I always involve them [the fans] in every aspect of my career. Even when I'm on stage performing, I always say I'm performing with them, not for them, because I'm kind of growing up with everybody. And at this time in my career and life, I'm able to share something with them, and I think we can make something great together," she explains to Women's Wear Daily.

Selena has yet to decide on a name for the fragrance but says the scent is being determined by her loyal fanbase by voting online.

"My fans can go to and see all the ingredients - the top ingredient, the middle ingredient, and a base. I want the base to be rich - I like vanilla and maybe some chocolate. For the middle, I've smelled raw grapefruit and peach, and the top note's definitely going to be fruity. I'm going to put up all the [notes] I like and let my fans pick which ones they want to put together. So, it's going to be something that I like, regardless."

How about chocolate grapefruit fragrance, because that sounds horrible. For when you want to smell like a garbage disposal, buy Selena Gomez's fan creation fragrance.

At least there's hope for Selena to have her own input on what the bottle will look like.

"The design of the bottle is where we're at right now. We've gone through probably five different bottles. I want it [the fragrance bottle] to represent me. So, it has to be really kind of fun, youthful, that's still kind of sophisticated in a way."

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