Shakira Chops Off Her Hair, Debuts New Do

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Shakira Chops Off Her Hair, Debuts New Do
Currently on vacation in Barcelona, Shakira was holed up inside the Jordi Ripoli salon for 6 hours getting a new cute bob haircut! I mean, it's a cute haircut, but a 6-hour haircut? What were they doing, replacing every hair on her head with new hairs?

Shakira has always had long wavy hair, but chopped it off near her shoulders in a cute A-line bob. She posted a picture of her hair on twitter with the message, "4 hours ago I got my hair cut!" - she's a very to-the-point kind of twitter user.

After she left the salon she headed straight for her Spanish soccer player boyfriend Gerard Pique's apartment.

Other stars who ditched long locks for a short haircut include Katy Perry, who cut off her pink hair this week and debuted a chic short look. She also went back to her blonde roots and added in some lavender highlights. It was all just too cute.

Here are some other starlets with famous bobs, or who took the plunge and got a chin-length hair cut over the years:

Scarlet Johansson: Johansson first chopped off her locks in 2010 and is now known for her cute red short hair. ScarJo always looked so much older than her age but ever since she went with her shorter do, she looks much more like her 27 years of age.

Victoria Beckham: I think Posh Beckham created the severe A-line bob. She now has long flowing brunette locks, but that haircut she rocked for so many years that was short in the back, long in the front was so iconic.

Hayden Panettiere: Panettiere usually has long golden curls but there was a time a couple years ago when she chopped it off. It was super cute, and set her apart from every other blonde with a middle part and golden waves, but I guess Panettiere got sick of it and ditched it the haircut.

Katie Holmes: How can we forget Katie Holmes iconic bob. That short short cut with those blunt bangs made her look like a hipster girl in a futuristic movie. This above-the-chin look was daring, I'm surprised Tom Cruise let her cut it that short.

Dianna Agron: Glee star Diana Agron got rid of her blonde tresses for a short cut this summer. She even died some of it pink. Maybe Katy Perry stole style cues from Dianna Agron? Who knows.
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