Celebs Auction Shoes For Charity

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Celebs Auction Shoes For Charity
When fashion meets charity, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s always nice when fashionistas step out of their couture-centric mindsets and decide to give to the much, much less fortunate.

Now, you can own a pair of celebrity shoes and help some kids who really need it. Totally guilt-free splurging.

Stylish celebs like Sienna Miller and Sarah Jessica Parker are taking part in the Small Steps Project, a charity founded by celebrity journalist Amy Hanson.

According to Vogue U.K., celebs are selling their shoes to help raise money for children who live on inhabited landfill sites.

Amy Hanson directs a documentary on these children, and it uses footage from Cambodian landfills. Children walk amongst the trash, completely barefoot, foraging for food.

Hanson explains in the documentary: “Small Steps is a humanitarian project which delivers Wellington boots, food, water, medical aide to children who live on inhabited rubbish dumps all around the world. When people see the film, they get a taste of what life is like on the rubbish dumps, and they want to help.”

Other stars planning to take part are Eva Green, Vivienne Westwood, Colin Firth, Helen Mirren, Kristin Davis, Helena Christensen and Rachel Weisz. The auction will begin at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on Oct. 12. But don’t worry, you can bid on a pair of celebrity kicks right from your computer. The auction will also be live on eBay for 10 days.

Boy George is set to auction up his ponyskin desert boots from his performance on Top Of The Pop in 1983. Yeah, you don’t have to wear them, just donate.

Hanson says of her cause:

“People should be outraged. People should see it, and not want it to be around anymore.”

It’s amazing how quickly celebs can kick off a charity just by adjusting their fashion. The sales of TOMS shoes have spiked since celebs have been seen walking around in them. For every pair bought, TOMS donates a pair to kids who need them. Celebrity fans include The Jonas Brothers, Kristen Bell, Heather Graham and Demi Lovato.

Hollyscoop discussed the act of fashionable charity with Lovato, who told us:

“I love fashion, I love charity, so a combination of the two is amazing.”

We agree. So come October, get ready to dress like a celebrity while helping the less fortunate.

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