Sofia Vergara Bikini Photo, Is Just Showing Off Now

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Sofia Vergara Bikini Photo, Is  Just Showing Off Now
Between this picture and Christina Hendricks in Men’s Health, I give up.

Sofia Vergara is turning forty next year, yet she still looks like a twenty-year old. As long as that twenty-year old has a perfect body. And is also gorgeous.

While vacationing in Mexico, Vergara tweeted a picture of her curvaceous but slim physique, wearing a tiny, black two-piece. And there’s absolutely nothing else going on in the picture. So she’s not even trying to hide the fact that she’s just showing off.

Sofia took a quick vacation with boyfriend Nick Loeb. The two stayed at the Palmilla Resort in Los Cabos, Southern Mexico. Vergara tweeted photos of herself stuffing chicken tacos into her face and drinking cocktails during her vacation.

When I gorge on tacos and booze, I can barely look decent wearing a muumuu, much less a damn bikini.

In another photo, she stands next to her boyfriend, with a view of the ocean in the background. Vergara wrote: “Ciao ciao One&Only Palmilla !!! It was amazing!! Te quiero [I love you] Mexico.”

Sorry, Mexico. The actress has since headed back to the United States. She returned to Los Angeles, where she headed to the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards. The event honored Italian fashion house Missoni. Mena Suvari, Elisabetta Canalis and Rachel Zoe were also in attendance. Vergara donned a blue, mermaid-like maxi dress and a starfish-adorned bracelet.

And speaking of fashion, Sofia has launched her own clothing line, available at Kmart. According to Vergara, it will make women look like “a million dollars.”

“I wanted a woman to be able to buy clothes and to look in magazines and say ‘Oh, this looks a little bit like the dress I own for 20 bucks, though this is a $3,000 dress’, she explained.

Vergara’s line includes skirts, tops, denim, dresses and jewelry available at “super affordable prices.”

She says she took inspiration for the line from Paris and New York Runways. During her People interview, Vergara wore her own branded jeans, adding, “They’re 29 bucks. But look like a million dollars.”

The styles are also reminiscent of her Modern Family character, Gloria.

“It’s perfect for her,” Vergara said. “Gloria loves animal prints and color, necklaces, so I'm using everything.”

For Christmas and New Year’s, Sofia is releasing a range of party dresses. Remember Sofia, not all of our cups runneth over, so design accordingly.
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