Suri Cruise's Extravagant Wardrobe to Disappear?

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Suri Cruise\'s Extravagant Wardrobe to Disappear?
Suri Cruise might be one of the most fashionable members of young-young Hollywood, but her mom is doing away with all the cosmetics, high-heels, and fur coats for young Suri Cruise.

Sources told British tabloid Reveal that it was Tom Cruise who liked putting Suri in lipstick (another nail in the coffin, Tom) and Katie Holmes wants her to be as normal as possible and to dress more conservatively.

Six-year-old Suri, like most celebs, gets loads of free swag from designers and PR reps, but Katie is having her name removed from all sorts of “freebie lists.”

She just wants Suri to be normal and go to gymnastics classes and not adopt puppies or whatever.

Suri isn’t the first tot to spark debate for overly mature beauty stylings. Vivienne Jolie-Pitt went out with red lips once, and nobody seemed to notice, but then again, rarely do people call out Angelina Jolie for anything, because she saves countries and orphanages and is super scary beautiful.

Katie is moving into the fashion world, her line Holmes & Yang is showing at NY Fashion Week this year, so I’m surprised she wont let her daughter be a little fashion mogul in the making.

Katie just wants Suri to be normal. No more lipstick. No more heels.

All I’m saying is, I know that if Harper Seven wanted to wear a little lip stain, Victoria Beckham would never deny her.
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