Taylor Swift Launches Cheap Dress Line

January 29, 2009 By:

We’re confused on this recent faux-fashionista move. Taylor Swift is on top of the world right now. Her music career couldn’t be better, she just performed on Saturday Night Live, and is getting offers to guest star on huge shows like CSI. So why, with everything Taylor has going for her right now, turn to fashion design? Why must they all do this?!

Taylor has just teamed up with “fashion” line L.E.I. to develop her own line of inexpensive dresses available at Walmart. And yes, we’re talking the same L.E.I. that encouraged the massive bell-bottom trend in the mid-90s that were only available at Contempo Casuals. Check your yearbook…you know you’re guilty.

Taylor and L.E.I. have created a line of $14 dresses that embody her bohemian sense of style. But don’t get the wrong idea. Taylor by no means wants to be known as a fashion designer. So that’s where she loses us.

She says, "Sundresses are my favorite things to wear. In the summer, I automatically want to look bohemian. I don't look at it like I'm branching out as a designer. It's not the Taylor Swift designer line or whatever. I like people who have worked their entire lives to become designers. I think that they have their place as designers and I have my place as a musician, and I'm going to pretty much stick to that."

Well that’s a contradiction if we’ve ever heard one! But Taylor can pretty much do no wrong right now, so we’re sure the line will be popular. Look for them in Walmarts next month.