Taylor Swift Wears Kanye West in Her Harper's Bazaar Shoot

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Taylor Swift Wears Kanye West in Her Harper\'s Bazaar Shoot
Woah, looks like someone extended the fashion olive branch. Not many people are wearing designs by Kanye West. Well, no-one really. His debut fashion collection was pretty much dismissed by critics, so the fact that someone is actually wearing his clothes is a big deal, but not just anyone…Taylor Swift is wearing Kanye West.

In case you forgot, Kanye West was the guy who randomly interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech during the 2009 VMA’s. Remember that? How can you forget!

Anyways, so it’s totally crazy that T-Swift, of all people, is wearing Kanye West designer clothes which aren’t really fashionable clothes to begin with in the first place! It’s not like Donatella Versace walked onstage during her VMA speech and now Taylor Swift is like, “How am I going to avoid wearing Versace for the rest of my life!”

Anyways, in Taylor’s photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, she wears a black top by Kanye West, however, she’s got most of it covered up with this blanket she’s got wrapped around her shoulders.

Is this Taylor’s way of saying that all is forgiven? Is their non-existent rap beef totally over now?

However, it’s no coincidence that T-Swift is dressed in Kanye West. The Harper’s Bazaar Australia fashion direction also consulted with Kanye on his Spring 2012 collection and she styled the recent Dion Lee fall presentation whom Kanye designed shoes for. Ahh, it all makes sense now. Fashion synergy.

In related news, Kanye West is presenting his Fall 2012 collection during Paris Fashion Week tomorrow.
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