Tom Brady's Weird New Hair Raises Eyebrows

May 8, 2012 By:

Tom Brady debuted a new hairstyle to the 2012 Met Gala last night and nearly broke the internet. I don’t think the world has been more preoccupied with a man’s hairstyle since Bieber retired “the swoop”, but whatever Brady is doing, it’s got our attention.

The Football player debuted a heavily gelled and sideways faux hawk as he paraded his hot wife Gisele Bundchen down the red carpet last night. If it’s possible for anyone to turn more heads than Bundchen, it’s her husband.

I can’t tell if we’re shocked that he’s poured an entire bottle of gel onto his head, or if it’s the way he twisted the tip of his faux hawk like a crooked kewpie doll.

This time last year at the Met Gala he was rocking chin-length locks. The long hair kind of made him look like a cross between a male model, Scott Disick, and a serial killer.

For such a handsome man, why can’t he get his hair right!?

At last years Gala, Bundchen told People mag that she was happy with his then look.

“That’s his choice,” she said, “He does what he wants. I love him no matter what- short, bald, fat, it’s all good.”

Bald? Really?

I can already see next year’s headlines - “Tom Brady Bald to the Met Gala?”

Brad cut his hair short back in September to a short-cropped buzz cut.