H&M Wants Tom Ford Collaboration

November 18, 2011 By:

After the mega successful launch of Versace for H&M, the giant retailer has been eyeing a collaboration with Tom Ford.

Tom Ford was once the creative director of Gucci in the 1990’s and really reinvigorated the brand. He left in 2004 to form his own line, Tom Ford International and he also directed the Colin Firth film, “A Single Man.” But really, all you need to know is that Tom Ford has the most perfect 5 o’clock shadow and looks amazing in a suit.

This is not the first time Ford has been rumored to join the brand. Last year a French Tribune article started rumors about a collab, but now it might actually be happening.

When asked if H&M could see a collaboration with Tom Ford, H&M’s creative adviser Margareta Van den Bosch says “Tom Ford is a very interesting name. I can say, I wouldn’t mind.”

However, Van den Bosch says there’s been no contact with the designer, just hopes of a collaboration.

However, Ford would be stupid not to jump at the chance. Ever since Karl Lagerfeld teamed up with H&M in 2004 it’s only been good news for a designers brand.

“There would be great customer interest in such a collection,” says Anne Critchlow, a London based fashion analyst. She adds that it would give “fashion authority” to H&M to join up with the designer.

H&M has had 8 designer collaborations since 2004 and each one has proved to be very successful. That’s not including their soon-to-launch Beckham underwear collection.

Yep, the eternally shirtless soccer star will launch a range of undergarments for H&M that will hit stores in February. There were even rumors that the collection would include long-john underwear. I’m just waiting to see how Beckham makes thermal underwear sexy.

These Tom Ford rumors have been circulating while the Versace for H&M collection just launched this week.

According to Van den Bosch, the Versace collection is going to do very well for H&M. “This will be something different to our customers. People are curious.”

Some of those “different” items include an entirely hot-pink suit for men. Versace will also design a pre-spring collection for H&M that will debut online in January.

However, as much as H&M teams up with designers to create that “exclusive feeling” the brand also sells very cheap items, like boxy t-shirts and dressed that retail for less that $10. So it’s a balancing act to bring in the big labels and keep the cheaper stuff. “We want a mix of fashion with fashion basics,” says Van den Bosch.