Start Squealing, Tom Ford Might Appear on "Glee"

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Start Squealing, Tom Ford Might Appear on \"Glee\"
Ryan Murphy has friends in high and fashionable places. Just visualize his text message inbox for a moment and try to imagine how many of those “k”-s and “haha”-s and “see you soon”-s are from Matt Bomer and Julia Roberts if you will. Snap, snap! Back to reality!

So as one of TV’s most well connected writers/directors/producers juggling three network series at the moment, one of which is the musical comedy Glee, Ryan’s always shopping for a new guest starring face. He’s already tapped red carpet diva Sarah Jessica Parker to add some fashion “realism” to the show’s new NYC setting, so whom else could its creator speed dial eventually?

“You know the one person—I talked to him a long time ago—who was actually a very big fan of Glee and who I think I could get on is Tom Ford. So I would write something for Tom Ford,” Ryan told Fashionista at the God’s Love We Deliver charity event in New York City.

Just don’t expect the king of cool being involved in a song or dance. Ryan added, “He would just do something dramatic.” In other words, just show up, remove his sunglasses, and blink, because the only thing more dramatic than doing anything while wearing Tom Ford is if you're wearing Tom Ford and are Tom Ford.

This sounds like a perfect fit considering the American fashion designer is already something of an indirect presence on the show. Darren Criss, who portrays the show’s quietly confident and openly gay Blaine, said during a Vanity Fair interview in 2010 that his character is very “Tom Ford-ish,” someone who’s “charismatic and composed.”

Let's hope this hypothetical cameo actually makes it to the Glee runway someday and doesn't simply stay in design sketch form.

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