Tom Ford: Breast Implant Style is Taking Over!

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Tom Ford: Breast Implant Style is Taking Over!
I’m finding it hard to articulate my obsession with Tom Ford. Basically, the love affair with Mr. Tom Ford all boils down to: He hates breast implants, he admits to wearing obnoxiously tight jeans in the 90’s, he thinks that his denim looks better on your butt than any other designer, oh and he only wears shorts at the beach, because a man in shorts is a frightening thing to behold.

Here’s are the highlights from Ford’s recent interview with Grazia.

What’s up with the rumored H&M collaboration:
“No, I’ve never had a conversation with them. I’m amused every time I read that. Not that I don’t have respect for them but I never had a conversation with them.”

On turning 50:
“I turned 50 this year and not that that’s old but I really did change my way of thinking… If someone invites me to dinner then I think god do I really want to spend one of the thousands of dinners I have left in my life having dinner with this person then I say ‘Oh gosh, I’m can’t.’ It’s changed the way I do things.”

On why he used to love tight jeans:
“I arrived [to New York] in an Armani jacket, Calvin Klein Jeans and cowboy boots because I’d been reading GQ in 1977 and that was the look. And I was prepared for New York! Calvin Klein jeans although they were very chic at the time were maybe a bit tight. That helped my career too, the fact they were a little tight…!”

On why he makes people nervous:
“Occasionally when I have someone in for an interview, a young student or someone who I’m interviewing for a new position, and I see their hand shake I realize that oh maybe I have this effect on people.”

On why American fashion sucks:
“London is a place where eccentricity and individuality in clothing in particular is admired, and is respected…. Americans are afraid of style. You know, remember America was founded by the puritans who fled the UK. They were very stern and strict, and too much style in America is considered a bad thing. That’s changing, you know, now it’s totally different really. Globally, we’re unfortunately seeing a breast implant style taking that’s over the world.”

On why he’s so successful:
“There are many designers who have much greater talent as a designer than I do but they may not have my drive, they may not work as hard, they may not have the focus, the desire… You have to have a talent because at the end of the day if the pants you design don’t make someone’s butt look great they’re not going to buy them.”

For the full interview, head to Grazia.
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