TOMs Launches New Eyewear Collection

June 7, 2011 By:

Tom’s shoes, the brilliant one-for-one model where hipsters can do something philanthropic by purchasing cool canvas shoes, has just moved onto it’s next chapter: eyewear.

Tom’s founder Blake Mycoskie revealed the new endeavor, Toms Glasses. The sunglasses come in three styles including wayfarer-like frames, aviators, and oversized “Jackie O” glasses.

All styles start at $135. Each pair of glasses features three hand painted stripes that are supposed to represent you, the person you’re helping, and Toms connecting the two.

The company gave away a million shoes last year and plans for the eyewear chapter is similar. For every pair of glasses bought online or at TOMS retail partners, “someone will receive either medical help for severe eye disease, glasses to improve eyesight, or sight-saving surgery.”

Mycoskie says, “I want people to know what they’re giving, in a one-for-one way, with every purchase…From this day forward, Toms will no longer be a shoe company, it will be a one-for-one company.”

Fashion meets philanthropy.