Retail Stores That Offer Student Discounts

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Retail Stores That Offer Student Discounts
Being a student in any economy kind of sucks, but being a student in this economy is terrible, assuming you don't have any full scholarships or have rich, generous benefactors/parents hanging around. Trying to afford cute clothing on the kind of budget that requires you to eat Ramen noodles and canned chili is a nearly impossible task, but some retailers are graciously trying to take the burden off our debt-laden youth.

The first time I saw a student discount at a clothing store was while studying abroad in London--I saw signs for 10% off (which covered tax and pretty much nothing else) at the TopShop and was overcome with the desire to hug the sales clerk. As small of a gesture of "we're so sorry you barely have money for food!" as it was, it was something. And American stores are starting to catch on, thankfully. Here's a list of some of the best!

J.Crew: 15%
Ann Taylor Loft: 15%
TopShop: 10%
Banana Republic: 15%
H&M: 15% (certain times of the year only)
Madewell: 15%
Steve Madden: 10% 10%

Though most student discounts are (and should be) as easy to redeem as bringing your ID to the store, there are websites like that offer special discounts to stores like Macy's only through their service.

And for a bit of shaming/shameless pressuring, here are some mega-stores that don't offer any sort of discount to their cash-strapped student customers:

Forever21 (boo, hiss)
Zara (shammme)
Victoria's Secret (ugh)
Target stores (really guys?)
Aldo ( :( )

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