Tyra Banks Backs Vogue's Health Initiative, Thinks You're "Flawsome"

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Vogue recently announced a plan to encourage healthy body image by pressuring designers to quit using stick thin size zero models.

Tyra Banks is 100% behind this initiative as someone who turned her “curves into a curveball.”

Tyra posted an open letter to models on the Daily Beast where she recalls her own experiences loosing out on jobs for being a size four!

Tyra also created a new word. After she coined and retired the “smize” and threw around “fierce” a lot, she’s now come up with a new term, “Flawsome.”

“I’ve been using the word "flawsome" a lot. It’s you + your flaws + awesome = Flawsome” Tyra writes on the blog.

Now, don’t get it twisted. It might sound like Tyra is saying that being big is a "flaw" and that you should embrace your largeness, even though it’s a flaw. She’s not saying that at all, I don’t think?

Her idea of a “flaw” is her big forehead. For example, Tyra says, “I have a big forehead, and I got made fun of all time…I’ve been teased my whole life, but I continue to rock it with pride. Years ago one of my agents told me that my forehead was what got me signed.”

“Now it’s up to you,” says Tyra, “Take your “flaw,” and turn it on its (fore)head. And never forget that you are fabulous, you are fierce, you are flawsome.”

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