Paris Fashion Week: Valentino Fall 2012

March 6, 2012 By:

Can I get MORE leather in this Valentino collection? Nope, there's already too much? Ok. Leather was the theme of the night. The show opened with 12 pieces in black matte leather that looked straight out of a Vampire movie, “Underworld” maybe?

The rest of the collection unraveled around a chic-gothic-romance look with plenty of scalloped edges, glitter embellishment, delicate lace and evening gowns that stop at the ankle. The collection revamped a kind of old-school needlepoint and tapestry theme, which reminded us of luxurious handmade items.

The collection ranged from leather capes to floral embellished nude gowns. Trends included puffy sleeves, high collars, and elegant parkas. It was all very dramatic and very romantic. A lot of the dresses were very lady-like as well, conservative but with hints of sexiness, kind of like Kate Middleton’s personal style. The end result was a lot of very beautiful and well-tailored clothes.

There was a stunning red collection (because what Valentino collection is complete without red) that included a pantsuit, various floor length gowns, and some tea-length dresses in a vibrant blood red.

Sitting in the front row were famous faces like Alicia Keys and Nicky Hilton. I could totally see Florence Welch in the flowy pale pink organza gown. Katie Holmes could rock the sleeveless black and Blake Lively could totally pull off any of the bright rock frocks.