Versace Menswear Models: Half-Nude Gladiator Men

June 25, 2012 By:
Versace Menswear Models: Half-Nude Gladiator Men

After peeping some photos of the Versace Spring 2013 Menswear collection, my first reaction was “Oh My God.”

Dressed in mesh underwear, giant gold belts, open chested gold robes, the Menswear show started off with a bang. The inspiration for the Versace underwear collection came from the Roman gladiator aesthetic.

The show opened with scantily dressed men parading down the catwalk to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” dressed like the cast of “300” got lost on the way to Miami Pride.

Forget the “Magic Mike” trailer, it’s all about the first 3 minutes of the Versace runway show.

Are mesh underwear even that functional? Oh who cares! Donatella, you sly woman.

The second half of the show, i.e. the fully clothed portion of the show i.e. the boring part of the show, featured a “Mr. T” inspired collection of oversized, 1980’s inspired pastel type shorts and trench-coat combinations.

But back to the underwear. I’m not sure what kind of guy would wear a giant boxing style championship belt and gold mesh banana hammock undies, oh wait, is “Shahs of Sunset” still on television?

The swimwear collection featured some hot pink speedos with a lace crotch. Yowz. I know Marc Jacobs is going to want several pairs for his own personal wardrobe.