Celebrities Love Victoria Beckham

April 14, 2011 By:

Victoria Beckham
should be so proud of herself. Her fashion line is rocking and she can thank her celebrity friends for getting her name out there as a credible designer.

These days most of the dresses A-listers wear are by Victoria Beckham.

Eva Longoria and Jennifer Hudson had big nights last night as Eva was promoting her cookbook and J-Hud was performing on Dancing With the Stars.

I fell in love with both dresses and after some digging I discovered that both were from Victoria’s collection.

To give VB credit, she is designing some really nice clothes and that’s why celebs love wearing her label. They are slimming because of the material and most of her dresses are simple and timeless.

A simple nude dress can be worn more than once. The only thing is that celebrities rarely wear the same thing twice and regular folks don’t have $3,000 to pay for a VB design. Damn, GP always gets screwed.