David Beckham: Harper Seven WILL Work in Fashion

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Some parents let their kids find their own career path, others demand they follow in their parents footsteps. While most parents demand that their kids grow up to become doctors or lawyers, David Beckham has just announced that his 2-month-old daughter's future career will “definitely be in fashion.”

So no soccer star then? David hopes so, “Let's hope she's got an athlete's body,” he says at the launch of his fragrance DB Homme.

He assumes she'll be good at sports because she has three older brothers who will use her as a human punching bag for the rest of her life, “She'll be very athletic, because she'll have three brothers running around and kicking footballs at her. She'll be ready for that.”

But as much as daddy Beckham (eww, it's sounds so creepy to call him Daddy Beckham) wants her to be a footballer, he knows his little girl will follow in her mother Victoria's design footsteps.

“But she'll definitely be in fashion,” says David.

Who knows if she'll be designing or walking the runway herself, but with David and Victoria's genes, Harper Seven probably has a future contract as a Victoria's Secret Angel already signed.

Also, Victoria Beckham says her infant already loves Prada.

When Posh Spice was in NY for Fashion Week she took Harper Seven for her first taste of luxury shopping, “We went in to Prada yesterday and she loved it,” Victoria tells the Daily Mail, “It was as if she was saying, 'Mummy, I'm home!”

I bet David and Victoria avoid certain roads when driving home so that Harper Seven wont be exposed to Target's and Wal-Marts. Kidding.

Well, Posh better keep her daughter in head-to-toe designer and teeny tiny stilettos, because David thinks her brothers are hell-bent on turning her into a tomboy.

“They're great. They won't put her down, they're constantly holding her and playing with her and getting her to smile.”

He also ads that he thought having a baby girl would mellow out the boys, but nope, boys will be boys.

“I was hoping it would calm the boys down and that energy level that they've got would go down a little bit - but it hasn't,” he explained.

David Beckham is also STILL surprised he has a daughter.

“Every time I change her diaper, I just think, 'Oh my God! I can't believe I've got a girl.'”

David Beckham, meet Harper Seven. She's your daughter? She has been for about two months now? Ringing any bells?

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