Harper Seven Gets First Endorsement Deal

April 26, 2012 By:

David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper Seven has just received a letter from a personalized baby gift company to be the new “face of their brand.”

Is 9-months-old too young to do endorsements? At what age can she start promoting Midori liquor and/or diet shakes? Ok, Kris Jenner just emailed me and said 5-years-old is a good age to start.

The company My1stYears just wrote a letter to baby Harper Seven asking if she’d rep their personalized baby gift company.

“Both your parents are fashion icons, and we can see no reason why you shouldn’t start your career in the fashion industry even at your young age,” the letter states.

“Due to child labor laws we cannot negotiate a contract or salary directly with you, that is why your Mummy and Daddy have been copied in on this letter,” the letter adds.

I love that Harper Seven’s parents are cc’d on the letter. Has there been a more famous baby than Harper? Suri Cruise comes a close second.

“We are happy to speak with them about your fee,” the letter says.

Hah, Harper Seven has a “fee.” She commands $20,000 a night for nightclub appearances and $15 million a year for reality TV hosting gigs.

“We are prepared to pay you a significant amount to be the face of our new range,” says the letter.

Ahh, to be young and rich in Hollywood.