Report: Victoria Beckham Expecting Baby #5

October 11, 2012 By:

Victoria Beckham seems to be pregnant again, which means she'll soon be confounding the world with her two-week long post-pregnancy bounce back period and most probably hiring another nanny.

An 'insider' told Heat magazine that Victoria was "talking about having some strange food fads and she didn't drink at all, not even to celebrate after performing at the Olympics."

Strange food fads seems a little circumstantial here, as the woman weighs all of 90 pounds and probably eats a lot of strange things, and therefore probably gets random cravings. The drinking, however, is a bit more eyebrow-raising. And then her friend went on to say that her behavior "led to some of her friends asking outright if she was pregnant and she just smiled in response."

Ah, the enigmatic smile, for when you want to be completely obvious about hiding something. Our money is on a fifth Beckham in 2013.

There are also rumors flying that the Beckhams are planning to move back to the UK from Los Angeles to give the kids more stability, so it would be the perfect time or them to have that last baby.

The brood currently consists of Victoria, husband David, and four strangely named children: Brooklyn (13), Romeo (10), Cruz (7) and Harper (15 months). Baby number five would make them a family of seven, which is apparently their lucky number. Wouldn't it be funny if she wound up having twins? I hope she has twins.