Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes Give Each Other Style Advice

December 17, 2011 By:

Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham are celebrity BFF's so that means they must consult with one another on what to wear? Right? But when both of you are designers and super famous it makes the age old question of "what are you wearing" so much more interesting.

Many people don't know that Katie Holmes has her own Made-In-The-USA clothing line called "Holmes and Yang" and Victoria Beckham obviously created her own Victoria Beckham line which is proving to be very successful.

So when Katie Holmes is about to go out, she says she consults with Beckham first.

"We go to the same events, and we'll call each other to ask, 'What color are you wearing?' I'm always interested in what she's liking for the season," Holmes tells Elle.

All celebs love Beckham's designs. Her girly dresses and perfect silhouettes are a hit with Hollywood's A-Listers and Rachel Zoe admits that her client Cameron Diaz loves Beckham's clothes.

"When we have Victoria's stuff in the studio, it's the first thing Cameron Diaz tries on," says Zoe, "But any woman would feel sexy in her dresses."

However, Beckham isn't even her own biggest fan. She'd been friends with designer Marc Jacobs long before she was a designer and says she was scared to tell him she began designing.

"We went out to dinner one night, and he said, 'I saw that you put out a collection,'" she recalls, "I felt embarrassed to tell Marc Jacobs that I - me, ex-Spice Girl, married to a footballer - was creating a fashion line."