Victoria Beckham Chats With Fans on Glamour's Facebook Page

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Victoria Beckham Chats With Fans on Glamour\'s Facebook Page
Though the embrace of digital media by print mags has been slow and kind of clunky at times, Glamour usually does it right. Today, they upped the ante a bit and held a live Facebook chat with Victoria Beckham, guest editor of their September Issue.

Within two minutes of the post going up, there were 146 likes and 64 comments on it, asking Victoria sharp questions like “When will David ever get a Twitter?” and “Were you ever in Sweden? And if yes, what are Your impressions?” and “Do You like Chik-Fil-A?”

For all of the people praising Beck’s ability to do it all, they’re giving her a ton of extra work to get through today—there was no time limit put on the chat, but as there are over 400 questions ten minutes in and two answers from Victoria, maybe they should have. At least Glamour knows they made a good choice for their first celebrity guest editor!

Here’s a snippet of the conversation going on on Glamour’s Facebook.

Amelia Gemma Cox: what made you design your own glasses range?! x
Victoria Beckham: hi Amelia Gemma Cox! I venture into new product categories when I cant quite find what I am looking for. I design sunglasses and opticals that are the very best quality, all handmade in Italy, flattering on the face with a strong fashion message x VB

Vanessa Bermudez: victoria, what would you say was your inspiration for your latest collection? much love x
Victoria Beckham: Hi Vanessa Bermudez! you will have to wait and see! i am busy preparing both collections to show ini New York in September x VB

Neha Rai Hi Victoria! Which is your favourite hair product?
Victoria Beckham: hi Neha Rai, Ken Paves is a good friend of mine and I love his hair products! x VB

Blanc Quigley Hi Victoria, why didn't you wear VB at the olympic closing ceremony? Thank you, Linda ps. you are a great role model
Victoria Beckham: hi Blanc Quigley, i have always loved Giles Deacon and he is a good friend of mine. I love to support other British designers and he was the perfect choice. I LOVED my dress! x VB
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