Victoria Beckham: Harper Seven Already Loves Prada

September 14, 2011 By:

Victoria Beckham says that her 9-week-old daughter Harper Seven already loves Prada.
Stopppp. There is no way that a 2-month-old infant has an opinion on luxury designer goods.

"I love Prada but lately I've been finding the bright and bold colors of Proenza Schouler to be very exciting, though when I just want some designer casual wear I always go with Alexander Wang," SAYS A BABY!

Victoria, speaking as a mouth piece for her daughter Harper, because she can't speak because she's a baby (!) says this, "We went in to Prada yesterday and she loved it," Beckham tells the Daily Mail, "It was as if she was saying, 'Mummy, I'm home!"

Right, when a baby smacks it's gums together and shoves it's fists in it's mouths that's code for "Baby loves Prada."

Uggghhh, it's only a matter of days before Harper Seven is seen hiding behind a pair of humongous Prada sunglasses as Posh Spice teaches her daughter, "This is how you hide your face from the Paparazzi." What I would do to be Harper Seven.

The mom and daughter were in NY for fashion week where Victoria debuted her Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Victoria gushes that she's obsessed with her little girl, she wont spend any time away from her since she's been born, "I can't leave her alone for a minute," she dishes, "I haven't been without her since she was born nine weeks ago. She's too wonderful to leave."

Later that day Posh and baby lunched at Balthazar resturant .

Victoria strutted around the NY Prada shop in a little pink dress from her newest collection "Victoria by Victoria Beckham" which features a slightly more affordable line than her usual "Victoria Beckham" collections.

The dress she was wearing was the "cat print" dress from her other dress collection, though Victoria says don't call it a "cheaper" dress line.

"It's not a second line, or a diffusion line - it's another line, another side to my wardrobe. This is a way to give my customers what they want, says Victoria, "I wanted something that was a little bit more affordable but I did not want to compromise with design or quality."

The collection launched on Monday, "I'm very into conversational prints this season," says Victoria.

Conversational prints? Whatever that other news, Did you hear that Harper Seven is designing her own line of diapers? Kidding...for now...