Victoria Beckham: I Design For Myself

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Victoria Beckham: I Design For Myself
Victoria Beckham says she designs for herself, because she is her brands ideal customer. This is probably very true as I can’t imagine there are any other women who’ve birthed four kids and are still a size zero.

  Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Victoria says, “I just do what feels right. Everything that I make, from glasses to a handbag to a dress, is something I would wear and carry myself. People ask who my customer is - I love to do in-store events with my retail partners, I love to meet my customers and get feedback - but I'm my customer."

  Beckham is in her 8th season of her Victoria Beckham line and has launched her secondary Victoria line, so by now, she’s something of a seasoned veteran.

  “Now that I've been doing it a little bit longer I can take more risks, working with volume away from the body, which is very different from where I started out. I never try to follow a trend or fashion,” admits the singer turned designer.

  Victoria’s business partner is Simon Fuller, yes the same Simon Fuller that created the American Idol franchise. Victoria says she attributes her success to this man.

  “I've known him since I was probably 18 and in the Spice Girls, and he's always believed in me,” says Victoria, “When I was about to show my own collection, I called him and said, 'Simon, I'm really nervous.' And he said, 'You have nothing to be nervous about. Just enjoy yourself and have fun,' which was great. He never put any pressure on me.”

  Fuller also manages David Beckham, and I’m sure when their kids undoubtedly launch their own toddler fragrances, he’ll probably manage their careers as well.

  “I'm really getting the best of both worlds with Simon being a fantastic, genius businessman and a very good friend. He's really good about thinking outside the box, which is important as well. You know, I'm proof that you don't have to play by the rules all the time," says Victoria.

  Despite her mega successful fashion career, that doesn’t stop Victoria from asking for a discount at the grocery store. While shopping at a Ralphs grocery store in Los Angeles, Victoria asked for a 25% discount and I’ve gathered that she asked for the discount purely on being famous. Sorry to break it to you Victoria, but at the grocery store, you don’t get swag and you don’t get food “gifted” to you. Nobody at Ralphs cares if you’re seen “carrying their products.”

  According to a store employee, “We loved having Victoria in the store. All the staff were going crazy when she left. She was really nice and very down to earth. We were shocked when she asked for a 25 per cent discount card, but it’s nice to see she’s just as normal as everyone else, though.”
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