Victoria Beckham is Launching a Lifestyle Website

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Victoria Beckham is now a singer-turned-fashion-designer-turned-webmaster?

Victoria Beckham wants to launch a lifestyle website in the style of Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website, because we all love GOOP so much and need more vague websites that sound like something that Kindergartners make with paste.

People are fascinated with Victoria Beckham’s life, mostly how she manages to have four kids and have a very full career. Victoria wants to launch a site that allows her to dish advice on how she balances family and career.

“Victoria’s had a lot of support for her recent tweets about her life and she feels that people really care about how she manages to juggle raising four kids with a glittering career,” a source tells Now magazine.

“Gwyneth provides access to her personal life through GOOP! And Victoria wants to do the same. Plus, she knows it’ll be a success.”

Judging by the success of Victoria’s fashion lines, she can expect to enjoy the same level of excellence with this new website venture.

She wants to “share her experience and her mistakes with other women who refuse to sacrifice their careers when they have kids.”

A new website isn’t Victoria’s only new venture. The busy mom and soon to be mommy blogger plans to develop an organic baby food line.

Victoria plans to launch the food line with her friend Tana and the source adds, “they [want] to develop a cool, nutritious and organic line of baby food using her [Tana’s] experience and Victoria’s brand.”

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