Victoria Beckham Nervous About Royal Wedding

March 21, 2011 By:

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were one of the privileged couples that received an invitation for the royal wedding taking place on April 29.

By that time Victoria is going to be pretty far along with her pregnancy, which is obviously causing her some anxiety.

“Victoria is obviously a little bit worried because she’ll be a few more months pregnant by then,” her husband, David Beckham revealed.

What will Posh wear on the big day? I’m sure she will change her mind about a million times by the time April 29 rolls around.

Considering the fact that Victoria Beckham is 5 months along and doesn’t even really look pregnant, I don’t think she’s going to have a hard time finding something to wear. And the fact that she’s a designer should be helpful for her because she can just alter the dress if she feels fat.

I’m guessing she goes with black because it’s a slimming color.